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parameters fullbody,korean,The concept character sheet of a strong, attractive, and hot warrior lady, mad max style, post apocalyptic style, dieselpunk look, dieselpunk setting, dieselpunk soldier girl, wearing techwear and armor, Cyberpunk costumes, In steampunk style, Her face is oval, forehead is smooth and visibly rounded at the temples. jawline is softly defined, giving her a gentle and feminine appearance, full body, Full of details, frontal body view, back body view, Highly detailed, Depth, Many parts,((Masterpiece, Highest quality)), 8k, Detailed face (ponytail hair) (grey hair) (golden eyes), angry expression, Infographic drawing. Multiple sexy poses. tattoos,3d,SAM YANG,incase (beige hair:0.604), (brown hair:0.596), (upper body:0.56), (sitting:0.43), ((juicy lips:1.2)), red lips, ((longfade eyebrow)), ((cat eyes:1.2)), ((eyelashes:1.2)), ((long eyelashes:1.2)), ((kajal:1.2)), ((kohl:1.2)), ((eyebrows:1.2)), ((long eyebrows:1.2)), (eyeliner:1.2), ((eyeshadow:1.2)), (hourglass body:1.2),,lghtshft_lora,glowing ((cat eyes:1.2)), ((eyelashes:1.2)), ((long eyelashes:1.2)), ((kajal:1.2)), ((kohl:1.2)), ((eyebrows:1.2)), ((long eyebrows:1.2)), (eyeliner:1.2), ((eyeshadow:1.2)), (hourglass body:1.2)<lora:EMS-326235-EMS:0.800000>
negative_prompt nsfw,(worst quality, low quality, illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch),cat ears
steps 25 content_copy
sampler Euler a content_copy
cfg_scale 7.0 content_copy
seed 1310669409 content_copy
size 512x768 content_copy
clip_skip 2 content_copy
denoising_strength 0.5 content_copy

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