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Feb. 12, 2024, 8:31 p.m.



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parameters upperbody,korean Girl with brown colour skin, AQUA short messy hair, masterpiece, concept art, close shot, highly detailed, centered, 1girl in a (shiny color dress) standing in the rain, facing the camera, dreamy cyberpunk girl, cyberpunk art style, cyberpunk beautiful girl, cyberpunk girl, model girl, cyberpunk vibe, beautiful digital artwork, bright cyberpunk glow, cyberpunk vibrant colors, neon rainy cyberpunk setting, cyberpunk vibes, neon rain, cyberpunk art ultrarealistic 8k, has cyberpunk style
negative_prompt watermark, signature, username, text, (worst mile,squality, low quality, normal quality), badhandv4, (missing hands, missing legs, missing finger), (extra hands, extra legs, extra finger), (bad hands, bad legs, bad finger), simple background, greyscale, monochrome, cropped, duplicate, mutilated, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, EasynegativeV2

favorite 8