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Community Guidelines

The community guidelines are as follows:

  1. Respect and Consideration
  2. Prohibited Behavior
  3. Active Contribution
  4. Advertisements and Spam
  5. Responsibility and Legal Issues
  6. Cooperation with Administrators
  7. Image Use Policy
  8. Policy on the Use of Images Related to Real Individuals

Respect and Consideration

Maintain an attitude of respect and consideration for other members, and uphold an environment where everyone can participate comfortably.

Prohibited Behavior

All forms of aggressive and inappropriate behavior, such as discrimination, harassment, threats, sexual harassment, and vulgar language, are prohibited. Illegal activities, malicious actions, and behavior that jeopardizes the safety of the community are also strictly forbidden.

Active Contribution

Members should share knowledge based on their own experiences and interests and contribute to the development and growth of the community. Through active discussion and exchange of opinions, we should broaden our perspectives and seek new ideas and solutions.

Advertisements and Spam

Posting with the intent of advertising, selling, or spamming is prohibited. Members should ensure that their posts do not result in unnecessary repetition or duplication.

Responsibility and Legal Issues

Members bear all responsibility and legal issues related to the content they post. Posting content that infringes on intellectual property rights or is illegal is prohibited.

Cooperation with Administrators

Members should actively cooperate with administrators’ instructions or requests. Membership activity may be restricted based on administrators' judgment, and any disagreements should be discussed through appropriate channels.

Image Use Policy

All images posted in the community should be taken by the member or be owned by the member. If using images from others, credit must be given and permission obtained. Obscene, illegal, and copyright-infringing images are strictly prohibited. Members should maintain appropriate size and resolution and avoid posting shocking images that may make others uncomfortable.

Policy on the Use of Images Related to Real Individuals

When using images generated by artificial intelligence, one must be cautious not to use images related to real individuals. Utilizing the face, gender, race, etc., of real individuals can lead to privacy infringement and may cause discomfort among members. If images related to real individuals are used, the source must be credited, and permission obtained. If such images cause discomfort, they will be immediately removed, and repeated violations may lead to sanctions.