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Sept. 20, 2023, 3:07 a.m.



parameters 1girl,solo, (ultra-detailed,masterpiece, best quality, hires:1.1),(blonde hair:1.24),(red eyes:1.2),long wavy hair,(expressionless,nonchalant,tsundere:1.16),(cowboy shot:1.2),wide shot,\nsurrounded by an exquisite tapestry of vibrant colors and delicate fragrances,intoxicating scent of blooming roses,shade imaginable, deepest crimson to the palest blush, petal glistening with dewdrops in the soft morning light,\n<lora:flatBG:-0.7>\n
negative_prompt (worst quality, low quality:1.4),(negative_hand-neg:0.8),(extra digits,fewer digit:1.3),(EasyNegativeV2 ,NG_DeepNegative_V1_75T:0.8)
steps 20 content_copy
sampler DPM++ 2M Karras content_copy
cfg_scale 7 content_copy
seed 2043017704 content_copy
size 1024x1536 content_copy
model_hash cea14ff49e content_copy Unknown Model open_in_new
clip_skip 2 content_copy
denoising_strength 0.5 content_copy
mask_blur 4 content_copy
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