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parameters Picture a world where sentient clouds drift across the sky, each carrying the dreams and memories of those who have experienced them. Depict scenes of individuals interacting with the dream clouds, reliving memories, and witnessing the ethereal beauty of dreams manifesting in the sky as living, floating entities. Atmosphere: Convey the ethereal and nostalgic atmosphere of a world where dream clouds hold the memories and dreams of individuals, showcasing the interconnectedness of people through the drifting clouds in the sky. Style: Fantasy digital art with attention to dream cloud details, diverse memories, and the expressions of reflection and connection among those interacting with the dream clouds. Lighting: Utilize soft and celestial lighting to enhance the dreamlike and interconnected atmosphere of the world with sentient clouds
negative_prompt (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), low resolution, JPEG artifacts, blurry,\n3d, illustration, sketch, drawing, black and white,\nwatermark, signature\n\n'}
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