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July 10, 2024, 11:26 p.m.



parameters fullbody, korean,fullbody,sneakers,Best Quality, Masterpiece, Beauty and Aesthetics, 16K, (HDR: 1.4), High Contrast, Bokeh: 1.2, Lens Flare, (Vivid Colors: 1.4), (# (Soft Colors, Dull Colors, Soothing tone: 0), film lighting, ambient light, side light, fine details and textures, cinematic lens, warm tones, (bright and intense: 1.2), wide angle lens, by playai, hyperrealistic illustration, Siena natural proportions, anime style, (Details of the French World Cup Marathon Jogging theme of 10,000 people: 1.2), Knee-length side view, dark brown and black charming curly hair, (Full body photo: 1.5), ((Sexy sports shorts) ), (Eye-catching appearance: 1), ( smiling happily, fair skin, attractive eye shadow, big breasts, beautiful and outstanding YSL necklace, Gucci ear clip, beautiful 18-year-old girl attending in Paris Thousands of people jogging in the marathon, crowds, music, carnival, happily running hard on the marathon track, covered in sweat. Smile, dimples, temperament, irresistible charm. White sneakers.long leg,real korean,kpop idol, chirch,She looked at the audience, real skin,huge saggy breasts,analogue_film low_key photography, studio shooting, close-up of seductive eighteen years old scottish beauty, moist lips lippglass, medium curly hair with bun, photorealistic natural skin pores texture and blemish, delicate hairs on the skin emphasize the liveliness, the sharp focus on her eyes emphasizes the detailed iris and creates the feeling of direct communication with the observer, the slipped scarf reveals her seductive skin, two-light-setup for soft lighting ambiance, dreamy mood, half_profile, photography, masterpiece, award winning, taken by mamya_645, 80_mm_lens, Kodak Portra 400, photorealistic, glowing, volumetric lighting, god rays, hyper realistic, ultra realism,Realistic 16K resolution bullet time photography of 1 girl with exquisitely perfect face, joyful korean face, best quality, girl, medium hair, underwear, 175cm tall, long leg:1.6, ugly, hyper realistic, masterpiece, (pureerosface_v1:0.8), (ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.8), (fantasy theme:1.2), (bokeh:1.2), (best quality:1.2), (soothing tones:1.3), (masterpiece:1.2), (realistic:1.2), (ultradetailed:1.2), (shiny skin:1.2), (realistic skin:1.2), (perfect body:1.2), (elegant:1.2), (breathtaking:1.2), high quality, (HDR:1.3), RAW photo, 16K, intricate background, perfect hand, perfect finger, finger detailed, background detailed, (cinematic lighting), high contrast, n,((kohl:0.5)), ((kajal:0.5))<lora:EMS-248183-EMS:0.800000>, <lora:EMS-346974-EMS:-0.200000>, <lora:EMS-412376-EMS:0.800000>
negative_prompt (nsfw),(3d, render, cgi, doll, painting, fake, cartoon, 3d modeling:1.4), (worst quality, low quality:1.4), monochrome, child, deformed, malformed, deformed face, bad teeth, bad hands, bad fingers, bad eyes, long body, blurry, duplicated, cloned, duplicate body parts, disfigured, extra limbs, fused fingers, extra fingers, twisted, distorted, malformed hands, mutated hands and fingers, conjoined, missing limbs, bad anatomy, bad proportions, logo, watermark, text, copyright, signature, lowres, mutated, mutilated, artifacts, gross, ugly,unnatural face, unnatural body,imperfect eyes, bad lips , blurred lips, (((elongated neck))), (((2 girls))), 2 people, (((asymmetric eyes))), EasynegativeV2, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, 4 eyes, (((double head))), (((long neck))), (((out of frame))), (((cropped head))), verybadimagenegative_v1.3, ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, (ugly face:0.8), cross-eyed, (worst quality:2), (low quality:2), (normal quality:2), lowres, normal quality, skin spots, acnes, skin blemishes, bad anatomy, DeepNegative, facing away, tilted head, {Multiple people}, lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worstquality, low quality, normal quality, jpegartifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, bad feet, cropped, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn face, mutation, deformed, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, extra fingers, fewer digits, extra limbs, extra arms, extra legs, malformed limbs, fused fingers, too many fingers, long neck, cross-eyed, mutated hands, polar lowres, bad body, bad proportions, gross proportions, text, error, missing fingers, missing arms, missing legs, extra digit, extra arms, extra leg, extra foot, ((repeating hair)), food on plates , food
steps 25 content_copy
sampler Euler a content_copy
cfg_scale 7.0 content_copy
seed 4062473003 content_copy
size 512x768 content_copy
denoising_strength 0.25 content_copy
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