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Autumn Girl 5

Nov. 20, 2023, 5:32 p.m.



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parameters masterpiece,best quality,1girl,large breasts,dark skin,highly detailed,hyper-realistic masterpiece,character design,,cinematic lights,intricate detail,ultra-realistic,hdr. best quality,perfect detailed,ultra sharp focus,Jukujo,hourglass body shape,Breast Expansion, big breast, cleavage, City park, vibrant autumn leaves, (trench coat,skirt lift v_neck top,hat), contemplative stroll, rustling breezes, urban serenity, nature's canvas, peaceful introspection. kpop idol, (pureerosface_v1:0.8), (ulzzang-6500-v1.1:0.8), contour deepening, white_background, cinematic angle,perfect,underboobs,flash,in korean ,SGBB
negative_prompt nsfw,(3d, render, cgi, doll, painting, fake, cartoon, 3d modeling:1.4), (worst quality, low quality:1.4), monochrome, child, deformed, malformed, deformed face, bad teeth, bad hands, bad fingers, bad eyes, long body, blurry, duplicated, cloned, duplicate body parts, disfigured, extra limbs, fused fingers, extra fingers, twisted, distorted, malformed hands, mutated hands and fingers, conjoined, missing limbs, bad anatomy, bad proportions, logo, watermark, text, copyright, signature, lowres, mutated, mutilated, artifacts, gross, ugly, big breasts: 0.5, huge breasts: 0.5

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