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魔法少女 #4

Aug. 21, 2023, 11:40 p.m.



parameters (best quality:1.18), photorealistic, illustration, (beautiful and aesthetic), cinematic shot, intricate details, ultra-detailed, (fashion campaign), (art nouveau:0.75), (fantasy theme, magical girl costume play), Vogue, Elle, fashion-forward, high fashion, vivid, colorful, 1girl, (magical girl, {|0.1::teenager,|0.1::child, petite,} {cute|alluring|seductive} {elf {|,0.33::pale skin}|0.33::dark elf, (dark skin:1.3)}), {(black hair, red eyes, red outfit, black, white)|(pink hair, pink eyes, pink outfit, white, gold)|(mint hair, mint outfit, white, gold)|(blue hair, azure eyes, blue outfit, black, white)|(light purple hair, purple eyes, white, gold)|(blonde, golden outfit, silver)}, ({bob cut|updo|french braids|2.0::{|long} twintails|{|long} ponytail|long straight hair|long messy hair|long hair} {|0.2::,{hair over one eye|{|blunt|slicked} bangs}}), [:beautiful detailed face:0.2], {|0.01::{sapphire eyes|(emerald eyes)|(ruby eyes)},} (lustrous skin), {|tall,} {|eyelashes,} {|mole,} {|{smile|pouty face|embarrassed face, (smile)|0.33::(angry:0.8),(seductive smile)|0.33::(naughty face) {|,(seductive smile) {|,(half closed eyes:0.9)}}},} {|voluptuous|0.1::skinny|0.1::slender}, {huge|large|medium} breasts, {sexy body|slim body}, {beautiful|sexy} legs, ({frilled magical girl dress {|0.2::,corset}|0.3::frilled serafuku dress}), {|0.2::{|tiara|circlet|{|large bow} hairband|earring|necklace},} {|{|white|black} pantyhose,|garter belts,|thigh high,|knee-high boots,} {|opera gloves,} (({{|3.0::full body,} {magical girl pose|standing|crossed legs|sit down|sit down, bent knees|0.2::bent over|0.2::squatting|0.2::spreads legs}|0.2::cowboyshot})), ({from front|dynamic angle|0.1::(see from the air:1.4)|0.2::from below|0.1::from side|0.1::from above|0.2::from behind, sexy hips}), {|(close up:0.8),} {(in gorgeous mansion),|(in flower garden),|(in park),|0.25::(on the rooftop of tower, moonlit night),} {|0.33::plants,} {|0.33::flowers,} <lora:add_detail:0.4>, <lora:film:1.1>
negative_prompt EasyNegative, (worst quality, low quality:1.35), (normal quality:0.95), (3d face:0.5), nose, lowres, blurry, (monochrome, grayscale:0.75), letterbox, cropped, mirror, out of frame, pen, stick, text, logo, watermark
steps 25 content_copy
sampler DPM++ 2M Karras content_copy
cfg_scale 8 content_copy
seed 4116527812 content_copy
size 512x768 content_copy
model_hash 1fc5c11582 content_copy PROMPT SEARCH: PTsearch_2D_v30 open_in_new
clip_skip 2 content_copy
denoising_strength 0.4 content_copy
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