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Nov. 30, 2023, 6:12 p.m.



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Platform novel_ai
parameters {{Kotoyama (artist)}}, [aoi masami (artist)], 1girl, endou saya, Dagashi Kashi, gyaru, solo, blonde hair, swept bangs to the right, long straight hair, hairclip, piercing, black eyes, {monochrome}, sleeveless, apron, long legs, cafe, best quality, very aesthetic, absurdres, retouched, smooth lines, suitable texture, best quality, amazing quality
negative_prompt normal quality, bad quality, low quality, worst quality, lowres, displeasing, very displeasing, {bad}, bad anatomy, bad hands, text, error, missing, missing finger, extra, extra digits, fewer, fewer digits, cropped, JPEG artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, bad face, fat, duplicate, mutation, deformed, disfigured, extra arms, extra legs, long neck, bad feet, bad proportions, extra, fewer, unfinished, chromatic aberration, scan, scan artifacts

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