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Nov. 20, 2023, 7:39 p.m.



parameters raw, masterpiece, detailed, best quality,uhd, ultra-detailed,1girl, simple background, (Character Sheet:1.5), Lipsing, Emotions, (Character Design for Animation:1.5), (Sketch:1.5), Navel, cleavage,(reference sheet:1.2), (infographics:1.2), (blueprint:1.2), smile, cornrows, Sheer mesh babydoll with a flyaway front and a G-string, <lora:eloasna:0.3>,<lora:flashlightphoto_v1:0.2>
negative_prompt ng_deepnegative_v1_75t, negative_hand-neg, easynegative, badhandv4, (worst quality, low quality, normal quality:1.7),strabismus,skin spots, acnes,skin blemishes,age spot, glans,navel piercing, (abs,midriff,muscular, rib:1.2),\n
steps 35 content_copy
sampler DPM++ 2M Karras content_copy
cfg_scale 7 content_copy
seed 3264216922 content_copy
size 998x1398 content_copy
model_hash 323edcc020 content_copy Unknown Model open_in_new
clip_skip 2 content_copy
denoising_strength 0.5 content_copy
mask_blur 4 content_copy
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