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Nov. 4, 2023, 9:17 p.m.



parameters best quality, one girl, ((forest, mountain)), black color hair, long straight hair, bang hair, kimono, slender, tree, (young), geda, smile, natural theme, upper body, perfect hands, perfect legs, blush, look back, look at viewer, (red and white color clothes), butterfly, <lora:COOLKIDS_MERGE_V2.5:0.8>, <lora:simple_liner:1.2>
negative_prompt (nsfw), (worst quality, low quality:1.4), (depth of field, blurry:1.2), 3D face, nose, cropped, lowres, text, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, trademark, watermark, title, (tan, muscular:1.1), multiple view, Reference sheet, extra fingers, (extra legs), extra arms, smile, laugh
steps 20 content_copy
sampler DPM++ SDE Karras content_copy
cfg_scale 8 content_copy
seed 2207065150 content_copy
model_hash 1fc5c11582 content_copy PROMPT SEARCH: PTsearch_2D_v30 open_in_new
clip_skip 2 content_copy
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