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May 16, 2024, 8:31 a.m.



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parameters Official Art, Unity 8K Wallpaper, Extreme Detailed, Beautiful and Aesthetic, Masterpiece, Top Quality, perfect anatomy, a beautifully drawn (((ink illustration))) depicting, integrating elements of calligraphy, vintage, YELLOW and PURPLE accents, watercolor painting, concept art, (best illustration), (best shadow), Analog Color Theme, vivid colours, contrast, smooth, sharp focus, scenery,
negative_prompt bad anatomy, bad draw face, low quality body, worst quality body, bad draw body, bad draw anatomy, low quality face, low quality anatomy, bad proportions, gross proportions, flowers, blurry, crossed eyes, ugly, bizarre, poorly drawn, poorly drawn face, poorly drawn hands, poorly drawn limbs,poorly_drawn_fingers, deformed, disfigured, mutation, mutated hands, mutated limbs mutated face, malformed, malformed limbs, extra fingers,blurry, bad anatomy, extra limbs,poorly_drawn_face,poorly_drawn_hands,missing_fingers

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