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parameters ((full body)),real korean face, kpop idol, Masterpiece, beautiful details, perfect focus, uniform 8K wallpaper, high resolution, exquisite texture in every detail, break A girl relaxing in a luxuriously decorated egg-shaped cradle. Her slender figure ((sitting slightly inside an egg with smooth curves: 1.3)) is wrapped in the warmth and security of an eggshell. break Her eyes are closed and she has a calm expression on her face, her soft skin glowing softly in the gentle light. Her long eyelashes framing her closed eyes give off a sense of her beauty from her delicate features. She exudes an aura of quiet elegance and mysterious charm, break easter eggs, easter<lora:EMS-326235-EMS:0.800000>
negative_prompt (worst quality, low quality, illustration, 3d, 2d, painting, cartoons, sketch),dazzle light,ghost shadow

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엄청 아름답고 예쁘고 귀여운 귀염둥이 AI(ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE = 인공 지능) 하이퍼 모델(HYPER MODEL = BEST OF BEST MODEL = 최고 모델.)양(孃) 자체가 모든 부문에서 퍼펙트 스코어(PERFECT SCORE)이기 때문에 퍼펙트 스코어(PERFECT SCORE)를 추천 합니다. /추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천//추천/

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