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A lady of the jungle

Nov. 20, 2023, 12:20 a.m.



parameters (stunningly realistic depiction:1.3), (A stylish korean actress with a perfect body should exude elegance and confidence, capturing the essence of a sophisticated female:1.3), (peacefully and mysterious atmosphere of a silent forest), (Perfect posture:1.5), (sitting:1.3), (photo realistic:1.4), (pureerosface_v1:0.5), (white hair:1.4), (classy updo hair:1.1), (cinematic light:1.9), (skinny arms:1.6), (in the middle of damaged castle in the columbian jungle:2.1), (She has pure glossy skin with visible veins:1.8), (detailed skin:1.5), (huge and saggy beautiful glossy breasts hidden under lace-trimmed black jungle dress patterned black flowers over sheer black pantyhose:1.5), (luxurious accessories:1.7), (blurry background:1.7), (smile:1.3)
negative_prompt EasyNegative, (worst quality, low quality:1.7), (nsfw:1.7), 3D face, cropped, lowres, text, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, artist name, trademark, title, multiple view, Reference sheet, bad anatomy, (umbrella:1.9)
steps 40 content_copy
sampler DPM++ SDE Karras content_copy
cfg_scale 9 content_copy
seed 1642474794 content_copy
model_hash f422db7ce3 content_copy PROMPT SEARCH: PTsearch_3D_v30 open_in_new
clip_skip 2 content_copy
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